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About Me

I am just ever so slightly over 50, married to Greg, both kiwis with two spectacular children who followed us around the world  as we moved to places like Tanzania, Bangladesh and Jordan working for various Christian development agencies.

The kids eventually returned to New Zealand to study, marry etc and we have now have one step grandchild, which makes living overseas not quite as much fun as it used to be. So we got a Jack Russell puppy (Bunce), who is in the process of destroying the house.

I took up blogging because my world famous novel was not working out so well and I am unable to work overseas.  I began this blog as a not too serious exploration of all the things I was not very good at and had really only begun to scratch the surface. However, since we recently moved once again from South Africa to Slovakia, I decided it was time to shift the focus somewhat to the new experience of living in Europe.  But rest assured I will still be making plenty of small and irritating mistakes to share with you.

I also enjoy dining out, pole dancing, reading, screaming at the referee when watching rugby and watching movies and educational TV like Survivor and Modern Family.

My favourite colour is red, no blue, no maybe pink…and I have trouble making decisions. I am slightly neurotic and insecure hence the floundering thing, but feel with God’s help I am a work in progress.

I hope you enjoy reading about my flounderings…but maybe you won’t…which will make me feel really rotten…but I hope you do….see I told you I was neurotic and had trouble making decisions !