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Weak Excuses and Silly Headgear

Posted by on December 5, 2013
See, just being silly

Wearing silly Headgear

Dear Floundering Along with Fay readers.

Wearing silly headgear

Being silly with her friends

On behalf of the management of this blog, we apologise profusely for the lack of updated posts over the  last few weeks.

To be honest, a certain someone has been very unreliable and we are not very impressed with her behaviour.

She claims she has been too busy doing important things like taking part in Christmas Bazaar Charity Fundraiser.

But we just think she was having fun with her friends and wearing silly Christmas headgear.

We have also been reliably informed that she has been seen gadding about Xmas Markets in Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest with a group of people who look remarkably like members of her own family, including her brother-in-law and his family.

Being silly at Xmas Market in Budapest

Being silly at Xmas Market in Budapest

To compound this already untenable situation, she now informs us that she is flying off to New Zealand next week for the birth of her grandchild and to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with her family.

She also has the cheek to imply that she will be too busy to update this blog until after she returns to Europe at the end of January.

She does ask that we send you all Christmas Greetings and wishes for a blessed and happy New Year and is asking for your patience until she begins blogging again in the New Year.

But we find this totally unacceptable and have already placed a warning letter in her file (not the first).

Rest assured there will be severe consequences once we have consulted with our Human Resources Department and worked out a plan of action.

We would just fire her, but as she doesn’t make any money from this blog, this would not really bother her very much.

In the meantime, Christmas Greetings from us as well. Maybe it will do us all good to have a break from her flounderings for a while.


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