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New Cameras and Annoying Husbands

Posted by on November 7, 2013

I want to buy a new camera for various reasons :

  • Our current one is too old and doesn’t take great photos.

    Bad photo of my husband sleeping

    Bad photo of my husband sleeping

  • I joined a camera club and when I showed my camera to the person leading the club, she laughed and said: “What can I teach you with that?”
  • I want to take better photos of my husband falling asleep in public places.
  • I want to be ready for when I become a world famous travel blogger.

My husband does not want to buy a new camera for various reasons

  • He thinks it is too expensive.
  • He doesn’t believe I will have the patience to learn how to use a more complicated camera.
  • He thinks it is a waste of money.
  • He thinks it  too expensive and a waste of money.

I eventually convinced him but only after promising it would be my birthday and Christmas presents (and his) this year.

So we have ordered a new one but every time I mention it, he smiles with a “I-know-you-will- not- use- it- properly” smirk that makes me want to shove our old camera somewhere that will be very painful for him.

So watch this space to see who is right…and of course it will be me because you should all know by now that he is always in the wrong

15 Responses to New Cameras and Annoying Husbands

  1. Petra Vorster

    Keep clicking Fay… show him also that you take ‘dares’ very seriously.

    Best wishes
    from South Africa

  2. greg

    i still think it is a waste of money!

  3. Angela

    Excellent! Made me laugh………. You had better keep the old one just incase you do need to use it for non-photography purposes…. You don’t want to use the new one for that 😉

    I have a draw full of “old”cameras upstairs…. I now have an idea what to use them for…. Hahahahaha

    I invested in a lovely new one a couple of years ago….. The lenses and other accessories have been presents since then from my hubby…… I still don’t know all the functions but my nickname when I am out with the camera is “happy snapper”………. I have some wonderful pictures, so don’t listen to your husband…. Just have fun snapping 😀

  4. Tony Waters

    I’m with Greg–I’ve ;had this same conversation with Dagmar a number of times about bikes, cameras, whatever. Sometimes they are used as intended, and sometimes…

  5. olga

    Went to a camera class and learned a lot. …..somehow because our (my) brains are not wired to receive technological data all the info seems to fade or completely dissipate. You had better make it look good Fay..hate that “I told you so ” facial expression you can get on husbands.

  6. Ed Epp

    I support the purchase of a new camera. I also think you should buy the most expensive one available!

  7. greg

    I support not ever listening to Ed’s advice – I still say it is a waste of money

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