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10 Travel Tips That Will Save Your Life

Posted by on October 31, 2013

india bus

What follows is some vital travel information that you simply must read.

1. Don’t take an overnight bus from Delhi to Nanital Hill Station in India because you will spend the entire time screaming, praying, hugging your children and telling them you love them and you are very sorry you didn’t take the train.

2. Don’t buy an unknown lice treatment product in Thailand for your young daughter as it will make her scream and you will think you have killed her.

3. Don’t buy an ice cream from a street vendor in Calcutta for the entire family because you will all end up with very sick with shigella which will cause bathroom issues that I would rather not go into.

4. Don”t reach out to grab a snake’s head thinking it is a tap in a tented safari camp in Tanzania as even though you manage to stop yourself just in time, you almost have a heart attack anyway.Sex-on-the-beach

5. Don’t  have a cocktails with something about sex in the name in the Greek Islands because you and your husband will end up throwing up for half the next day, and you will wonder if you will ever see your children again (who are staying with your mother).

6. Don’t leap onto your young sons head in the bed next to you when you see a rat in your bedroom on an island in Thailand because he will not appreciate it.

7. Don’t argue about the price with a taxi driver in Vietnam. Especially if he has the door locked so you can’t get out, and leans over to open the glove-box to show you the knife he keeps inside.

Traffic-in-Cairo8. Don’t use the toilet on  tea plantation in Darjeeling because it is the most revolting thing you have ever seen and quite apart from the hygiene issues, the image will be forever imprinted on your brain.

9. Don’t try to cross the road in Cairo unless you know what you are doing.

10. Don’t tell your husband how much you spent on a handbag you bought in Rome because he may have a heart attack.

Please feel free to share any life saving travel advice that you may have. I want us all to be safe out there in the big wide world.

10 Responses to 10 Travel Tips That Will Save Your Life

  1. Marti

    Post picture of handbag! (PLEASE!)

  2. Sharon

    Waiting for the next installment – surely you have many more??

  3. Mel

    Excellent advice! I feel much safer having read all of this.
    I recommend buying handbags in Florence, less heart-attack inducing prices, husbands should be very supportive of trips there 😉

  4. Orsi

    You should have included the Hungarian sense of walking distances, it can be lethal as well :)

  5. jan

    great reading Fay….keep it up

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