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The Advantages Of Being Forgetful

Posted by on October 24, 2013


Now that I am a woman of a certain age (ie getting quite old) and my memory is not what it was (ie not very good at all) I have discovered some advantages which I would like to share before I forget what they are.

1. You can find things (like a long lost pair of earrings) while frantically searching the house for your car keys.

2. You can forgive your husband after an argument because you have forgotten what you were fighting about (though you are quite certain that he was in the wrong).

3. You can go to a place you have been before and it is exciting and new because you can’t remember a thing about it or that you were even there.

4. You are always meeting new people because you don’t remember that you have met them before.

5. You can be sincere when you tell someone that you will keep a secret they just told you because you know you will soon forgot what it was anyway.

forget ful

6. You can be honest when you assure someone you have done something they asked you to, because you really thought you had and it is only later you discover that you forgot.

7. You can laugh heartily at the same old joke your husband has told many times before because you always forget the punchline. Or the same story a friend keeps repeating…(you know who you are!).

8. You can have a second piece of lemon tart because you forgot you had just eaten one (or at least pretend you have forgotten).

9. You can enjoy a book/movie a second time because you can’t remember a thing that happens or that you have even seen/read it before.

FORGETFULNESS-1jpg10. When you go into a room to do something and then forget what it was, you can always sit down and read a book instead.

11. You can have ¬†private conversations with your husband (who is also getting more forgetful) that nobody else can understand: ie “Remember when…what’s her name?… went to that… you know that place… and ate.. what was the name of that again?…well whatever, wasn’t that funny?

I know I had even more advantages in mind but I forget what they are….oh well… perhaps you can remind me?.


12 Responses to The Advantages Of Being Forgetful

  1. Sharon

    Who are you again? I have forgotten….. Well, anyway, thanks for the chuckle, whoever you are!


  2. Marti

    Have we met before? ……… Was I supposed to reply? ….. Xxm thanks once again for the smile? …. Did you make us smile last week? …..

  3. Kaday

    I remember your face???????????????????????? What is your name again?

  4. Bruce

    something related to share that I am sure you and all those that enjoyed your ‘advantages of being forgetful’ will enjoy.


  5. Rich

    You can forget your wallet and get away with it!

  6. Jan Thorpe

    Fay, i loved this! Oh my gosh, I am getting so forgetful. It’s good to be able to see the humorous side. You’re an wonderful writer. Keep on!

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