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He was definitely in the wrong!

Posted by on October 10, 2013

couple fightingMy husband Greg and I had an argument the other night. I won’t bore you with the sordid details but suffice to say; he was most definitely in the wrong.

He stormed off to bed, leaving me stewing over divorce lawyers and how we should divide up the dog.  “I’ll show him”, I thought and went to sleep in the spare room. I tossed and turned through the night because a: I was still mad and b: I was uncomfortable as I was not used to the bed. But it was all worth it because I was sure he would be realising his faults and that he was totally in the wrong.

couple in bed fightingIn reality, he had a good nights sleep, and got up in the morning, not even noticing I wasn’t in the bed. After taking our dog Bunce for his early morning walk (futile cat hunt, sidewalk pee and poop, other dog poop sniff and vigorous and repetitive ball chasing-the dog I mean not Greg) Bunce came running up the stairs, leaped onto our bed was fast asleep when Greg poked his head in the door a few minutes later. That’s when he finally realised I wasn’t there.
“What are you doing in here?” he asked, when he found me in the spare room.
“What do you think?” I answered. “I am very mad at you.”
“Oh right…well I forgive you,” he said, which was not exactly the reaction I was shooting for, given that he was totally in the wrong.

But there was nothing left to do but make up, especially as we both thought it was pretty funny that he had not suffered or even noticed my lone protest.
“You can have the dog'” I told him, “since he didn’t notice I was missing either.”
“At least now we are even,” Greg said, referring to a similar incident during our first year of marriage. After an argument, he had stormed out of the house and gone for a long walk in the middle of the night, before coming home to sleep in the spare room.  He was sure I was lying in bed feeling miserable as he was, when in reality, I had gone straight to sleep and had no idea he had even left the house.  We have often laughed about that and neither of us can remember what the argument was even about (but I am sure he was in the wrong).

So, the moral of this sad tale is that the biblical advice about resolving fights before going to bed is probably true for us. Sleeping in separate bedrooms is a waste of time and doesn’t lead to good sleep habits. Of course this will only be effective if he can stay awake long enough to agree that he is in the wrong.


14 Responses to He was definitely in the wrong!

  1. greg

    I was definitely in the right – yet again!

  2. Marti

    At least you both will remember the lesson – just as the first one – in years to come, and not the argument. We miss both of you! And love to Bunce! Xxm

  3. Hilary

    What a very annoying husband you have! If a mother’s place is in the wrong, then it’s only fair that a husband’s is too…

  4. Meryl Nicol

    Love it!

  5. olga

    Have been there done that with Harry. Never has quite the effect you want eh? Now throwing a tomato sauce bottle at him is much more dramatic. Except for the fact that it missed and sprayed sauce all over the kitchen walls in all directions. Do you know that you have to scrape that stuff off with a knife. Took weeks.

    • Fay Foster

      I am wondering what would have happened if it did hit his head, Anyway, now I am working on my aim so that I don’t miss (see my comment to him above)
      Love to you guys!

  6. your daughter


    if you two are splitting up, i think its only fair that mark and i get the dog, after all he needs the stability of having a mum and a dad under the same roof. and you and dad are more than welcome to compete with eachother for my affections – i take gift vouchers, credit cards and of course cash!!

    i cant wait to move into a house with a spare room – at the moment, when mark and i have a fight, we still have to sleep in the same bed. its very awkward – the beginning of the night is lots of violent rolling over shifting position and duvet pulling to signal to the other just how angry we are. then we wake up the next morning cuddling which is really annoying when you are trying to stay angry.

    love you mum xo

    • Fay Foster

      Thanks dear, and I think you are right, the dog will be better with you!

      I am glad you will soon have a spare room for future fights, but remember there is always the tomato sauce bottle if all else fails!
      Love you tooxx

  7. Anthea Sparrow

    But surely he would know – the husband is always wrong!…

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