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Naked Men, Wine and Exercise

Posted by on October 3, 2013

Don’t you just hate it when people brag about their weekend because it involved some form of vigorous exercise? You know, they ran a marathon or climbed a mountain,  blah blah blah.
“So, what did you do?” they then like to ask, with a smug look.
“Oh well I um…spilled toast crumbs in the bed……..watched some TV…..patted the dog….”

But all that has changed because this weekend I went cycling. Ha! So there, highly annoying fit and active people (including my husband who goes to the gym 7 days a week). It was just like the Tour de France apart from some minor details:

Firstly, we took the dog….

Tour de France here we come

Tour de France here we come!

…can dogs enter the Tour de France?…

Let me out of here!!!!!!!!

Come on, pedal faster. I want that yellow jersey!!!!!!!!

…and we stopped for lunch and ate a huge pizza….

bunce pizza

He ate too much pizza…I can feel that yellow jersey slipping away.

…then a little later stopped again for a glass (well plastic cup) of wine….


Best part of the day

That’s it,  I’m off…they are hopeless and we are never going to win now.

…and I saw 2 naked man swimming in a lake….

(no photo of that sorry)

….and I could hardly move afterwards because my butt was so sore…

(no photo of that either sorry)

But apart from all that, it was exactly like the Tour de France. Believe it or not, we are considering doing it again this Saturday. And not only because I saw some naked men, but also because it was fun. But only if we stop for wine and pizza.

“So, what did you do over the weekend?” she asked with a smug look!

10 Responses to Naked Men, Wine and Exercise

  1. Marti

    Sat on the couch, drank coffee, slept late, drank some more coffee, didn’t see any naked men but patted the dog! Did I mention drank coffee ….. Looks like Bunce enjoyed the ride! Xxm

    • Fay Foster

      Sounds as if you had a good weekend Marti (and I am not going to make any comments about whether not seeing naked men is a good or bad thing!). Ha ha and hugs!

  2. Maxine

    I’m following your example and cycling for 5 days from JHB to Pietermaritzburg and then doing a race from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. Gonna be slack and get the plane back to Jburg though.

    Does that count as active???

    • Fay Foster

      I am sure you are wearing a smug look as you type that! Yes, it sounds a little active but I am disappointed that you are flying home as I would cycle myself. Anyway, let me know if you need any cycling tips and we may be seeing each other on the Tour de France soon! xx

  3. olga

    You certainly indulged all the senses on your biking trip. Kinda think that Greg missed out a bit. It was also a little pointless as what you gained you lost simultaneously by imbibing wine and Pizza. I’m sure this was just a dummy run and future trips will be much more focused.

    • Fay Foster

      Greg had as much fun as me Olga, apart from not being as excited about the naked men. We went again this weekend and cycled to a town in Austria (a total of 47 km) with no wine (though did have lunch) and no naked men, so I hope that sounds more focused! Head wind on the way home which just about killed me actually!

  4. John Cowan

    That looks fantastic. Great little dog trailer. Sorry you didn’t win but you did get to see naked men.

    • Fay Foster

      Thanks John, yep nothing like seeing naked men! Did 47 km this weekend so trying to catch up with you and Naomi!

  5. Mel

    Sweet ride, Bunce. I’ve seen those things with babies in them around here, clearly they are doing it wrong! Fay, excellent effort on the cycling, glad I’ll have someone to cheer for at Le Tour next year!!!

    • Fay Foster

      Thanks Mel,
      I am suitable impressed with myself also!
      A few people poked their heads in expecting to see a baby I think. Quite funny to see a very hairy dog instead.

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